The Smiths

Meet the Smiths

Pastor Tavner and Danielle Smith are dedicated to encouraging people to live to their fullest potential. Above anything else, they desire to lead others to know God for Who He really is: a Father Who loves us right where we are and Who has an amazing plan and purpose for our lives.

In 2003, while attending North Greenville University, Pastor Tavner and Danielle met and were married the following year.  At that time, Pastor Tavner worked as the Student Pastor of a church in Greenville, SC, and traveled around the U.S. as a youth evangelist. In 2008, he became the Executive Student Pastor at Redemption World Outreach Center (now Redemption) in Greenville, SC.  “We had no intention of being anything but members,” Pastor Tavner remembers.

But, God had a different plan. There, he became the understudy to Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr., who remains Pastor Tavner’s mentor today. During their time at Redemption, Pastor Tavner and Danielle founded Unite Ministries, which focused on bringing churches together throughout the state of South Carolina.  God developed Unite into one of the largest monthly youth services in The United States at the time: it served over 3,000 students—from all walks of life and denominations—who gathered together for the sole purpose of putting their differences aside and lifting up Jesus’ name.

In 2012, Pastor Tavner and Danielle found themselves moving here to Chattanooga, TN, because of their radical obedience to God’s plan. “I never wanted to be a pastor of a church,” Pastor Tavner explains. “This was not my plan. Actually, right in the middle of what I thought was our perfect plan—God spoke. He called me to start a church here in Chattanooga… He said ‘Shift.’ Danielle and I were scared to change our plan, but God continued to solidify in us that this ‘Shift’—to live here in Chattanooga and start a move of God through Venue Church—was what He has called us to do.”

Living in and for Christ is what it is all about, for Pastor Tavner, Danielle, and their growing family. As she describes, their purpose here in Chattanooga is to be “such a great example of how wonderful it is to live for Christ that others who either don’t know Jesus or have had Jesus wrongly represented to them, find the Jesus we know to be impossible to resist.”

Next Steps…

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